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ELITE - Euronext Group

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ELITE - Euronext Group

ELITE - a company part of the Euronext Group - supports private companies connecting with capital, using innovative digital technology.

ELITE is an international network of 1,000+ private, ambitious high growth companies represented by likeminded entrepreneurs coming from 40 different countries and 35 different sectors. These companies represent close to €80bn in aggregate revenue, employing about 470,000 people.

Our open access approach helps maximise the opportunities we can offer our companies to help them achieve their vision and goals: designed to help businesses prepare and structure for their next stage of growth, ELITE facilitates company access to a full range of funding options, increases company profile and visibility, promotes international relationships and opportunities with potential investors and supports management best practices.

We work with ambitious entrepreneurs to connect them and their businesses to their dreams.

ELITE Future Shapers

Claudia Dreier-Poepperl - CEO and Founder, Calldorado

Anna Ferrino - CEO, Ferrino

Ishani Patel - Co-Founder, Lantum

Steve Franks - Chief Executive, Water Babies Paul Thompson - Founder, Water Babies

David Abrahamovitch - CEO and Founder, Grind

Matt Barrett - CEO, Adaptive Financial Consulting

The cooperation between ELITE and Port4Growth focuses on a unique international growth programme. Carefully selected growth entrepreneurs and their respective private companies looking to scale up meet in a two-year program to expand their business network and acquire a better understanding of the different strategies and international financing options available to them. Access to this exclusive global platform enables entrepreneurs to bring their skills and network to the next level.

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